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Marlis Petersen - Sopran


Hamlet (Ophelia), Metropolitan Opera New York, März 2010

«All the while, the baritone sang splendidly, though the big showpiece went to soprano Marlis Petersen. Donning Ophelia’s weeds with not much notice for an indisposed Natalie Dessay and commuting from Vienna where she appeared in the premiere of Aribert Reimann’s “Medea,” Petersen showed off cool nerves, good looks and an assured coloratura technique.»

Manuela Hoelterhoff,, 18.03.2010

«The opera world has been abuzz recently with reports of Ms. Petersen’s whirlwind last-minute rehearsal schedule. She missed the dress rehearsal on Friday because she was performing in Vienna. The Met sent a coach there to work with Ms. Petersen, who flew to New York on Saturday, then endured a 30-hour period of costume fittings, stage rehearsals with piano and one abbreviated orchestral run. By Tuesday night, however, this trouper was ready. A lovely woman with a bright, alluring and agile voice, she seemed immersed in a role that, to judge from her beautiful and emotionally vulnerable singing, she clearly relishes.»

ANTHONY TOMMASINI, The New York Times, 18.03.2010

«When she canceled because of illness, the company brought in the German soprano Marlis Petersen, who performed something of a heroic feat. She finished another engagement in Vienna on Friday, flew to New York on Saturday, then had all of two days to rehearse before opening night.»

Mike Silverman, Associated Press, 18.03.2010

«… it cleared the way for Marlis Petersen, … she sang very beautifully in her mad scene (which sounds oddly exotic, faintly presaging Lakme’s Bell Song), with clear, jewel-like tones that were not only lovely but had a quality of innocence in keeping with the character.»

Anne Midgette, The Washington Post, 18.03.2010

«Last night at the premiere of the new production “Hamlet,” soprano Marlis Petersen took over the role of Ophélie ... Petersen, who had only a few days of rehearsal, performed admirably. … Petersen sang with pathos and impressive agility. Her light, frothy soprano suited the character’s fragility,…»

Ronni Reich, New Jersey News, 18.03.2010