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KS Nina Stemme - Sopran


Turandot (Turandot), Royal Opera Stockholm, Februar 2013

«There is only one Swedish soprano who can make the demanding role Turandot, where you have to burn and dazzle on top of a sound-saturated giant orchestra and magnificent opera chorus. And it is Stemme. I do not have space for all superlatives I would sprinkle this formidable performance.»

Expressen, 28.02.2013

«Nina Stemme in the title role is a vampire-like princess who steps through an azure gate of heaven. Her performance is imbued with dramatic authority.»

Aftonbladet , 28.02.2013

«Marco Arturo Marelli’s set of "Turandot" is an excellent idea - and Nina Stemme unites humanity and power in her portrait, in a way that gets the audience to gasp for breath. Nina Stemme gives her so much dramatic and musical power that the audience must gasp for breath, as she digs deep behind into Turandot’s hard shell and makes her totally understandable. The fact that a human voice can have such a volume! This is another of the evening's riddles.»

Svenska Dagbladet , 28.02.2013

«Now, Nina Stemme again at the Royal Opera stage and in one of Nilsson's real prime roles - as Turandot in Puccini's opera of the same name. A queue for heroic Turandot as bit by bit get their armor to burst, and that, like its predecessor, will find the vocal carrier expressing a feeling so complex that it is almost impossible to describe. High tones in her first aria hits one so that you stop breathing. Stemme makes a Turandot to die for. Not that she is worth it. But you must! Puccini's opera is about power games far beyond moral values.»

Dagens Nyheter , 28.02.2013

«…after 55 minutes, she arrives and the opera Turandot stands or falls with the interpreter. Here is Nina Stemme - that's the first thing she sings with her berry, flexible, dense, controlled and heavenly expressive soprano. I believe in every word she sings. We understand why she has become an ICE PRINCESS who beheaded every man who gets near her.»

Swedish Radio , 28.02.2013

«Here are two great geniuses who clash, Nina Stemme and Marco Arturo Marelli. Together they become a supernatural force that nails sticking one in the chair. Turandot is Giacomo Puccini's last opera, from 1926. It is rarely given because the title role is a voice killer that only very few singers can do. Lucky then that Sweden has one of those rare talents of superstar, Nina Stemme.»

Nummer , 28.02.2013

«There are so very few top sopranos who can handle this monster role. And of them are even fewer who could to do it. Nina Stemme handle the impossible part to transform the voice from an icy vengeance goddess to a loving woman.»

Swedish Television, 28.02.2013