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Christof Loy - Regisseur


Chowanschtschina, De Nederlandse Opera, Amsterdam, Februar 2016

«Few stage directors do innuendo better than Loy. Erotic Tension, ambivalent relationships, resentment or manipulation are all narrated with sophisticated subtlety; everything is dense, detailed and compelling. On a largely empty stage, with consummate musicality, Loy lets the action unfold, teasing out the complex strands of the work's political and religious conflicts by showing us the real people with real passions who drive the Action Forward.»

Shirley Apthorp, Financial Times, 09.03.2016

«Diese Chowanschtschina gehört zum Besten, das man gegenwärtig auf Europas Bühnen hören und sehen kann.»

Jan Brachmann, Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung, 21.03.2016