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Anja Silja - Sopran


Jenufa (Kostelnicka), Chicago Opera House, Oktober 2006

«But the 36 years since Anja Silja's first performances here in concert stagings of &quot;Fidelio&quot; with Georg Solti are as nothing for the ageless German singing actress. After all, she made her operatic debut in 1955 and wowed the world at Bayreuth in 1960. <br /> Whatever her age -- and the Berlin-born soprano has been in a dispute with the usually authoritative Grove Dictionary of Music over just what it is for some time -- Silja has been full throttle before the public for more than 50 years and if you want to see how a true artist of the voice and the stage can lift a performance to the heights then direct yourself to South Michigan Avenue Saturday night. <br /> The 1903 Janacek opera whose 50-minute second act is performed there in its entirety is called &quot;Jenufa,&quot; but it should be titled &quot;The Kostelnicka&quot; so astonishing is Silja's performance of the tragically controlling but loving stepmother/sacristan that she owns this opera even when she is offstage. Mistress of the naturalistic &quot;speech-melody&quot; of the pioneering Czech composer, able to send out fortissimo high B's and riveting in her calibrated emotionalism, Silja is one of a kind.»

Andrew Patner, Chicago Sun Times, 28.10.2006