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KS Nina Stemme - Sopran


Walküre (Brünnhilde), San Francisco Opera, Juni 2010

«In her role debut, Nina Stemme bids fair to be the Brünnhilde of her generation. The Swedish soprano traces her evolution from adolescence to maturity with immense dramatic intelligence and a wonderfully glowing instrument that meets virtually all of Wagner’s challenges.»

Allan Ulrich, Financial Times, 16.06.2010

«And from a vocal standpoint, this was one of the company's most memorable showings in many a season. Soprano Nina Stemme was a superb Brünnhilde, bringing buoyancy and verve to a role that is too often undertaken through sheer force. A hint to her modus operandi came during the first cries of "Ho-jo-to-ho," which she launched as if from some vocal springboard; the results carried cleanly and without effort. The same lightness and lyricism served her well throughout Act 2, in her interchanges with Wotan and then with Siegmund, and the heroism of Act 3 boded well for the more daunting challenges of the rest of the cycle.»

Joshua Kosman, The Francisco Chronicle, 16.06.2010

«Nina Stemme sings Brünnhilde, and it’s hard to believe that such a powerful, superbly rich voice can come out of such a tiny body, but Stemme throws all of her formidable emotional energy into the role: when she enters Wotan’s office, where an urban Valhalla of skyscrapers and grey clouds stretches out below the boardroom windows, her high-note war cry “Heiaha! Heiaha!” seems wild and victorious—“I am a really crazy girl!” she seems to be singing. But her revelation to Siegmund, under the unfinished freeways of the city where trash and discarded car seats have settled, that he will die in battle has the somber-toned depths of an orphic sorceress.»

Jaime Robles, The Piedmont Post, 16.06.2010

«Nina Stemme was also incredible, she has a wonderful control of her voice, and her timbre is pleasing.»

Charlise Tiee, The Opera Tattler, 16.06.2010