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Gerhard Siegel - Tenor


Siegfried (Mime), Metropolitan Opera New York, Oktober 2011

«...and Gerhard Siegel as Alberich’s brother Mime, flexing a tenor muscular enough for Siegfried himself...»

James Jordan, NEW YORK POST 28.10.2011, 28.10.2011

«...But Acts I and II rightfully belonged to Gerhard Siegel. As the clever, conniving Mime he giggled and groveled, schemed and threatened, using every tool at his disposal. Among the most impressive is his razor-sharp diction, each consonant spat out like someone expelling sunflower seed husks for rhetorical effect.»

Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim, THE CLASSICAL REVIEW, 28.10.2011

«Gerhard Siegel's Mime was exceptional, a despicably squirming portrayal (though his hump was a little Quasimodo).»

The Tyro Theatre Critic, 28.10.2011

«The best singing of the night belonged to Gerhard Siegel as Mime, the evil dwarf who raises the title character as a troubled boy and apprentice smith. Mr. Lepage staged the opera's Prelude, showing Mime stealing baby Siegfried from a dying Sieglinde, and including a quick montage of the young warrior growing up. Mr. Siegel sang the part with an unending sense of melody, using great skill to actually sing where other character tenors merely screech. His Riddle Scene with the Wanderer was a highlight of Act I, with both singers making the duel of wits engaging. ...»

Robert Hofer, Variety, 28.10.2011

«As Mime, the Nibelung dwarf who raises Siegfried and covets the magical golden ring at the center of the tetralogy, Gerhard Siegel gave a rich portrayal of his character’s greedy, conniving and bumbling tendencies as well as his almost pitiable side — and showed off a king-sized tenor.»

Ronni Reich, NJ.COM, 28.10.2011

«Gerhard Siegel, the canny Mime, replaced traditional cackling and whining with fervour worthy of a Siegfried (a challenge he has undertaken elsewhere)»

Martin Bernheimer, Financal Times, 28.10.2011